Friday, April 25, 2008

I am in Chicago

I am in Chicago today until Sunday for the Billy Shire Fine Arts show at the DvA Gallery. A lot of the artists who show at Billy Shire and La Luz de Jesus will be in attendance. Cool beans! I'll be signing my book there too. This painting is in the show. Click here to get more details. YAY!


niki said...

How long will the show be up? I wont be in Chicago for another few weeks but I'd love to see this!

Martha Rich said...

I do beleive it is up for a month. That would be cool if you can go! Thanks.

FruensWerk said...

Just want to say...YOU MAKE COOL ART girl :D
My first comment here...but I often check out your things...:D
Have a nice day

Elizabeth Garvey said...

hey girl! i also lovelovelove your work!!! i have just decided you are one my all time favorite artists in the entire world =]
wish i could see the show, keep up the awesome work

Martha Rich said...

Wow you guys make my day!