Monday, July 30, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

L.A. Juice

Almost caught up. This vacation did wonders for my mentalness. When you don't expand your world regularly your perspective becomes small. Mine was getting L.A. heavy. I needed to inject some NYC, Philly and Joisey into my mind to balance it out. Don't get me wrong, not dissing L.A. this place is excellent, in fact, some of the New York people I came across could REALLY use a little L.A. juice.

As for the pics, the head is for a job I was doing. I hope it works out. Don't want to jinx it cause it is perfect for me. The other picture is of Charlie kickin it at the beach. He is a freakin great kid. Kinda makes me want to have my own. Kinda.

Also if you are going to Comic-Con look for Mark Todd and Esther Watson, Tara McPherson, Jeff Soto, Bob Dob and Mark Murphy at their booths. I might go, but haven't decided yet, not sure if I can handle being touched my smelly people in costumes that don't breath. It gets kinda hairy and crowded, you dig?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Vacation = jobs

If you ever have a slow month just go away on vacation and the work will pile on in! A horse fly just bit me TWICE on one leg. Itchy.

Wildwood, NJ is my new favorite place.

I love the beach

Today is my last day at the beach. I spent the early part of my week working on an exciting job. Had a difficult time finding a place to scan and ship but luckily I worked it out. Cape May doesn't take kindly to peeps who WORK on vacation. They might ban me.

It would be nice to live at the beach though. Although I live in L.A. and hardly ever go. Had to come across the country to beach it. OK enough I am off for one more day of sun and sand. Have tons of work to do when I get back. Look at next week to see the one-a-days from the past two and half weeks!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Right now I am sweating in Philadelphia. I don't have any pictures or anything to show but this weekend I will. How did I grow up in Philly without air conditioning!!? Cally has spoiled me. I walked around NYC on Monday in pants and turned into a jello sweat blob. OK enough about the weather. Weather talk is boring. But...DRY HEAT is easier REALLY!

Yesterday my pop took me to the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. It is beautiful inside with all kinds of design and architecture books available to members. The main room is fantastic. I wish it was my art studio. High ceilings, bookshelves, huge windows. Inspiring! They have an exhibit about architecture "down the shore" in the front room.

I forget about history while living in California. California has a don't-look-back attitude. This can be good and energizing, but sometimes you must consider the past. It is good that I come back here several times a year to keep me on my toes and connected to my past.

Monday, July 02, 2007

out o' town

Yay vacation sort of. I am about to go out of town for 2 1/2 weeks. Part of it will be vacation, part not. I'll be in NYC July 5-10 to plan the Illustration Conference. I am on the board this time. Yeehaw! Then I go to Philly for a few days to visit my family and friends. Then it's on to Cape May NJ for a real vacation. (Although I'll be doing my one-a-days and if work comes in I will probably do it.)

So anyway this is the last post until I get back. I could write stuff while I am away but there won't be pictures. That is boring so probably won't be doing this.

As for these pictures, the top is another view of my studio space. Messy still. The other picture is of Eric Skotnes (hope that is how its spelled) doing a new mural on the outside of our studio. Last week the studio got tagged by some gang from 18th street. I hate taggers that just scribble their name. At least do something artistic. You dig?