Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last Day on Freedomwig

Monday, December 15 is the last day of Buy One Get One Free before Christmas. I am leaving town on Tuesday and won't be able to ship art until I get back January 7th. Woohoo. So if you want art for a gift now's the time to get it. YAY!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Really Cheap Good Art!

Hey here is a chance to buy some SUPER reasonably priced art. Collect a bunch! Giant Robot is hosting the next Post-it show. All art is done on post it notes and they start at $30 each. Art makes really good Christmas gifts.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

ICON6 / Illustration Conference

Howdy. Here is a picture I did recently for Groovy. Lots o' stuff going on. Top of my list is working on paintings for my La Luz de Jesus Show in April 2009. It is going to be GOOD! I'll keep you posted on that.

Secondly, I am heading up the transition team for ICON6! The new board was just announced too, so start saving for 2010. Location and dates to be announced later. It will be a FANTASTIC conference if I have anything to do with it and since I am on the board I WILL have something to do with it. Here is the new Board:

Alex Bostic
Soojin Buzelli
Fernanda Cohen
Troy Doolittle
Michael Fleishman
Andy Hayes
John Hendrix
Melanie Reim
Mark Todd
Jaime Zollars
and moi

Fernanda Cohen, Mark Heflin and I make up the Transition Team. Mark Heflin is going to be the new permanent Director of ICON. Check the ICON website for updates and info.

Lastly, I am traveling fool. Going to Pittsburgh (10/28 - 11/1) next week and then NYC for the American Illustration Party (11/11 - 11/15). Yeehaw! Call me if you want to meet up.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SALE! Art makes a great gift!

It's time to clear out some inventory, so I am offering a special deal on FREEDOMWIG. Buy two pieces of art by December 10, 2008 and get one FREE! Holiday shopping! Support the arts! Yeehaw! Email me if you are interested.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

826 LA / Poketo Fundraising!

Hey I did two wallets for Poketo that are being used to raise funds for 826LA. The wallets are only $20 bucks!!! Your purchase of this wallet will support current and future 826LA programming. Other artists who designed wallets are Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Tim Biskup, John Pham, Rama Hughes, Christine Castro, Leah Chun, Chris Bettig and Keith Kneuven.

To purchase the above wallet just click here!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Perfect is Boring

This is some art I did today for my freedomwig website. I am trying to figure out why being perfect is so desirable? Why do the magazines correct the naturally beautiful women they hire to model and make them look fake and weird? The touching up of women has gotten more extreme and unnatural. It is wrong.

Don't you get annoyed with people who are always trying to be perfect. They make you feel bad about not being perfect. How about Eva Longoria telling everyone she is still a size 0 even though she has gotten "fatter." Annoying. Jeez, size 0 shouldn't even exist. Invisible is size 0. Zero equals NOTHING!!!

Frankly I don't trust "perfect" people. That striving for perfection is usually a cover for some serious character flaws.

I prefer people who mess up, get back up, dust themselves off, learn from the mess up and keep going. I prefer people who accept their lack of perfection and get on with life. You know? Maybe this is stupid to be talking about in the middle of all this bank crap and insanity. OK I'll stop.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Road Trip New Art

Here is some art that will be in a show at Jonathan Levine gallery in September. Jordin Isip put together another one of his Panorama Projects. The opening is September 6, 2008 from 7 - 9 pm. Coolness.

So I am still on my road trip. Tomorrow we leave for Paris. I uploaded a fews things on today too. YAY. Hopefully I can write some stuff while in Paris.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

New blog

Howdy. I set up a new blog just for our trip.

Can't wait!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cool News! ROAD TRIP

Esther Pearl Watson and I applied for a research & development grant and we got it! Starting on August 15 we are driving across the country to interview people about their personal ideas of beauty. We are going to let what people tell us drive the images and direction of the project, trying to not have too many preconceived notions. This came about because living in L.A. can warp your sense of what is beautiful. You can lose your idea of what is "real" here.

We'll be taping, filming, writing, drawing and painting for a month from Los Angeles to Maine thru the middle of the country, then down the east coast to Atlanta and back across the country via the southern route and ending up at home in September. When we get back we plan to produce a multi-media exhibit about what we found.

If you are interested in being interviewed, let us know and if we come thru your town we'll look you up. We want to talk to men, women, teens, kids, from all nationalities, artists, business people, many different people as we can. Cool beans!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Palm trees and foolish shoes

Even though I have lived here for almost 13 years, there are days when I am shocked to realize that I live in frickin' California. What the hell? There is a dang lemon tree in my yard. Free damn lemons! When you grow up in Philly this is a big deal.

Yesterday was one of those days. Somehow Robert Festino (recent ditcher of the east coast) got me to go running with him at the freakin' beach and he got me to run faster and farther. How he do dat? It must have been his crazy yeller shoes. So very coolio. After running, we grabbed brunch in Venice beach, sat outside on the breezy sunny patio, watched the hipsters (including Tom Hanks) walk down the palm tree lined street and (nerd alert!) critiqued the use of arial on a gallery sign.

AND right now I am dog sitting for Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson. I'm using their house studio to work so the dogs will have some company. The window of their studio overlooks their POOL and a bunch of banana trees and there is a flock of wild parakeets flying around so I am still freakin' out a little. Sometimes life is very good. You dig?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More chemistry

I had to share these I got today. These are verbatim. I didn't correct anything.

nice,sweetguy knows how to treat awomen with respect.she has to be beautiful and attractive,as long she knows to respect
im simple guy ,attractive,nice,family oriented,honest,sense of humor,sensitive,loooking for a simple girl that i want to spent the rest of my life,hopefully she knows how to cooks,house experienced prefered.

Horny and looking for sex without committment
Just an average guy looking for an average lady who needs more sex than she is getting. Not looking for a permanent relationship although it's not out of the question. Prefer someone who is a good conversationalist and can start up the conversation (I'm not good at starting, but can hold my own once my partner indicates an interest in any subject).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crocodile Tears

Hey I am in a show in NYC this weekend. Here are my pieces. If you live in NYC check it out at Giant Robot.

There are a ton of good artists in the show. Everything is 5 x 7 and smaller, so should be affordable.

So buy some ART! Recession Shmesession. These are each $400 buck-a-roonies and are 5 x 7 mixed media on wood. They have sparkles on them (the words) which you cannot tell from the scans I did. They would totally look great on your wall, especially together!

Also I started doing a painting-a-day again, but only Monday thru Friday. Check it out on Thanks.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My soulmate

The ice cream picture is random. I took it when I went to Coney Island on Monday.

I know I said I'd write about the Illustration conference but I don't feel like it. Sorry. Go to Drawger and you can see what people had to say about it. It was good thing. I might write something next week.

OK so I am still doing the online dating thing for another month (They don't give refunds). There seem to be a few normal nice guys amongst the countless FREAKS, but I don't think it is where I will find someone groovy to hang out with. Thankfully the freaks are providing me with hours of amusement. Yes I feel a little bad making fun of the profiles I get, but I can't help it. They make me sad and amazed and a little scared.

One more thing, what is the deal with the obsession with "soulmates?" Did I tell you I can't stand it when people say they are looking for a "soulmate." Jeez-loo-EEZE.

OK so which one of these fellas should I date? I have so many to share. I'll post more later.

"I am handsome, attractive, self confident, charming, spontaneous, young at heart, fun, outgoing, witty, established, focused, and strong willed rolled into one. But, who doesn’t claim to be all these things on this site? The truth i that I do possess all of these qualities; although I am human and they may not all be apparent all of the time. Your friends and family will love me, and I believe you could grow to love me too. But, let’s not rush things. I don’t even know your name yet?" Enough about me. So what do you think about me?

"Gifted Man seeks Gifted Woman. I'm an easy going debonair man of many talents. But I don't take myself too seriously. I am passionate about passionate people. I love to have fun and I’m very spontaneous as well as a great dancer. I can dance to any style of music, but being from Chicago, I truly love a strong ballad to slow dance too." Is Chicago known for men slow dancing to strong ballads they truly love?

"Don't worry, be happy! Lets see I'm a single hispanic guy. I have NO skeletons in the closet and NO criminal record. I like going to the movies, the theatre, traveling, outdoors, wine tasting. I don't like smokers, lies, confrontations. I collect coins and cookbooks (Yesssss I like to cook). I like music, pretty much all types, but classic rock is my alltime favorite. Simple guy huuu!" Thank god, NO criminal record huuuu!

"I love children and have adopted a kind and gentle princess (see pic) who is 6 yo. My princess’ royal court includes a nanny and grandma, who lives a mile away. I’m looking for a nurturing, slender, sensual, intellectually curious woman, who will be my life partner. My idea of fulfillment is connecting with my soul mate, working on my research, spending time with family, and eating hot apple pie with mounds of half-melted vanilla ice cream. You, my future partner, understand that your support and passion allow my creativity and productivity to soar, making you a partner in the successes of my research and clinical programs. In turn I try to take care of you in the ways important to you. What quirks do I have? Well…..I love hot, steamy showers. I deal with whatever issues bubble up. It’s also my most creative time. If the womb was any thing this, it’s no wonder that I was two weeks late!"
What the HELL? This one scares me the MOST. You should see his picture. Truly disturbing.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I just got home today after being in NYC since last Sunday. I plan to write some stuff about the Illustration Conference tomorrow. Need to get back on Cally time today.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hey my art is on Gawker. Well indirectly, thru YouTube. I did some illos for Rob Kutner's new book "Apocalypse How" and he did a YouTube promo using them. Does this mean I am hip? Heck YEAH! I am particularly fond of the human shirt illo. Borderline genius. Ha.

Friday, June 27, 2008

New York / ICON5

Hey I am going to be in NYC from June 30 - July 8 for the Illustration Conference. If you are going Angela Edwards, who is going to the conference, but has never been to NYC, set up a forum for people attending the conference to touch base and share tips etc. Click here if you want to sign up and share.

It is an unofficial forum. Yeehaw!

Oh yes, I have decided to collect the best of my Chemistry matches. I don't know what I'll do with them but it is giving me hours of amusement.



Thursday, June 26, 2008

MY perfect Chemistry match.

I apologize in advance for all the swearing.

OK. I think I am a pretty nice not so gross person, but goddamn it I can't take it anymore. I tried online dating one more time and for the love of god what the hell is going on in the world??? JEEZ USSSS. I need to swear. What the FUCK!!!!!????

Read the profile below that was sent to me today. It was sent to me because the questionnaire I took says we are a perfect match. The camel's back done be broke. This is not the first of these I have received. There's plenty more where it came from. This is the one that pushed me over the goddamn edge. It seems Los Angeles is jam-packed with single middle-aged sally TOOL men. I know. I am being so mean, but "sweetie" here has cracked.

So now I don't give a shit if I never go on another date EVER AGAIN for infinity. MOther F-ING G-D C-SUCKing SHIT CRAP Son of a BITCH. I am going to hell. Somebody put me out of my misery. PLEEZE! I give up. I am not bitter REALLY just gonna never go on a date again. This guy ruined it for me forever. Some booby renaissance milady needs to smack him HARD in his charming prince ASS libation.

Your Wish = My Command
Hi Sweetie, please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Prince Charming! Certainly, you be the judge.

May I have the next dance? But of course, coffee, tea - a libation - would be lovely. Now, did I mention that I'm extra funny & extra smart & extra handsome? Oh, yes, extra modest too. Downright self-effacing if you must know.

I have many sides - please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a renaissance man. I'm a seasoned actor of the stage transitioning to film and TV, happen to have an MA in Philosophy, graduated from Berkeley. I'm also a very successful advertising sales executive by day.

Right now my heart goes out to a certain dog in my life, but is poised for the companionship of a woman who is serene. As she cherishes, adores, and brightens my day with her smile I shall give likewise. Smart shall she be. With a sense of humor or I'll have none. Values her health and beauty. Likes movies, cooking together, dogs, music, the beach, exercise, the smell of eucalyptus in the forest, and her hair shall be of what color it please God.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pictures from the Grasshut Show!

Please check out the Grasshut website and buy some art. There are some amazing Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson arts in the show. Do it now man!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Portland is FAB

Portland is an excellent place, I am here right now. The people are groovy and nice and they make you feel comfortable and at home. Please check out Grass Hut to see the art from the show tonight. I'll add pics of the nice people of Portland when I get back on Saturday.

Don't you need some cake and lobster art? I know I need it. That's why I paint it. Gol' dang it. You should totally buy these.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

One-painting-a-day Revisited

Howdy peeps! I have decided to go back to doing my one painting a day thing. Doing the one painting a week wasn't working for me.

For some reason it is freeing having to come up with something new every day. Maybe because there is no time to think too much or to self censor and it appeals to my inner ADD. So please go to freedomwig on June 1st to see what's going down. Heck yes.

This art you see here is for a lovely job I did for the July issue of Bon Appetit magazine. Excellent people to work with!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Back in LALAdenarockville

Hey back home after a fabulous two weeks in Pittsburgh visiting my family with a side trip to Chicago for the show at DVA Gallery. Here is a picture of all of us artsy farts at a bar called Proust right next to the gallery.

We ate spaeztel and weird sour meatballs and I drank skunked wine from a dirty glass. I am so hardcore, man. Enjoy the weener plate picture, please. There were some sloshed frat and sorority types drinking brew from a very large glass boot across the room providing us with some lovely free entertainment. I feel that Chicago is a boozy place.

Speaking of brew, my brother's beer won a Silver Medal at the World Cup of Beer (check out category #74). This is a very cool thing. If you ever get a chance to drink any beer from Penn Brewery, do it cause it is real good. The Pilsner is my favorite. My brother is the Head Brewer over there. I wish they sold the beer in Pasadena. It is pretty much the only beer I drink. Here is a picture of the winning beer.

Backtracking. I wanted to go to the Carnegie International when I was in Pittsburgh but didn't get a chance. It looks groovy-- Doug Aitken, Barry McGee among others have stuff in it. I'll see it when I go back to the 'burgh in August. Also when I was in Chicago I saw the Karen Kilimnik show at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Her art rocks my world (I am embarrassed to use that phrase but I mean it). I got a little choked up when I saw it.

OK talk to you yinzers later.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Spring Cleaning Sale!

Howdy people. I decided to extend my Spring Cleaning sale on until May 31. Some people emailed me asking to extend it so I am gonna do it! I'll update the website and my one-a-weeks when I get back to Cally next week.


Friday, April 25, 2008

I am in Chicago

I am in Chicago today until Sunday for the Billy Shire Fine Arts show at the DvA Gallery. A lot of the artists who show at Billy Shire and La Luz de Jesus will be in attendance. Cool beans! I'll be signing my book there too. This painting is in the show. Click here to get more details. YAY!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Longisland Track Suit

Here be another excellent track suit. This one is by Scott Bakal all the way from NY. I hope I get more. They make me happy. In the next few days I am going to do a little triathlon training journal with drawings and stuff. Please check back!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

California Dreaming

Yo peeps I have two pieces o' art in this show up yonder in San Fran. You can see them on Would like to go up there cause I am feeling bored, but I'm working on a bunch o' stuff. Maybe if I get stuff finished I'll head to SFO.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Chicago Tracksuit

This beautiful track suit drawing was done by Julie Murphy, a former L.A. person who went back home to Chicago cause she couldn't stand 72 and sunny and palm trees anymore.

I will do my own tracksuit this week for sure. In the meantime check out I started doing a painting a week. Yeehaw.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Balls Out Grass Hut

Howday Thar Peeps! I collaborated with Esther Pearl Watson on these suckas. They are for the "Balls Out" show at Grass Hut in Portland on March 7th. The show is curated by Bwana Spoons and should be groovy. If you are in Portland you must go. Yeehaw!

To buy these:
click here for the Stripper Pole piece
click here for the Cherry Pie piece

I am working on a job right now so I will get to my tracksuit art after I am done with that. Also working on another newsletter, trying something different. Hopefully it'll look good.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Track Suite Heaven

YAY more track suit love come to you thanks to Jim Bradshaw. Fab!

Guess I better do a track suit of my own. Still cannot explain my fascination with this topic right now. Maybe it is because I have been spending so much time on the couch avoiding anything that has to do with running.

I have another Triathlon coming up in June and must get up off the cushions and move it. Must buy a purple matching velour tracksuit with something written on the butt in gothic lettering. Then I will be COOL.

I have officially replaced Diet Coke with Latte's with no sugar and have been taste testing. Here is the order of what I like best so far.
1. Intelligentsia
2. Peet's
3. Coffee Bean
4. Starbuck's

I think I have an addictive personality. Actually I know I do. It is nice to have a routine thing to do in the mornings. Missing the fizziness though.

For real! Please email me your track suit drawrings. Pleeeese!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Please more track suits

This track suit is by Mark Todd. The Italian horn is quite the lovely added touch, don'tcha think? Won't you please send me more tracksuit drawings? Ask your friends. Pleeeeeeze.

I am on the brink of a creative burst of frenzy. March 1st will be my first painting-a-week. Kind of like my one-a-day, the one-a-week's will also be on found paper but a bit larger and more detailed. I am excited. For some reason I want to start talking in a british accent like Britney Spears, but I refrain as that might be interpreted improperly. Do stop by for some tea though.

Esther and I are collaborating on two paintings right now for the BAlls Out show in Portland on March 7th curated by Bwana Spoons. Later on chaps, must have a sip of fancy red wine and get back to painting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Track suit CRACK!

Hidey Ho! Here is another track suit drawing by Frieda Gossett Clayton, Jr. III, Esq. Don't you love the crack? I certainly do. I need more track suits. I guess I should drawr one myself.

Lately I haven't been creating mucho arto. January was drab so I am taking a letterpress class to knock some creativity into my ass. Below the track suit is my first foray into pressing those letters on one of them printing contraptions. Dig it man. Seth Drenner is the teacher.

I had a very good cup of coffee the other day and I don't drink coffee. I know it was good because it didn't give me stinky bitter coffee mouth. It didn't even need sugar. It was at Intelligentsia Coffee at Sunset Junction. There were quite few hip-looking people milling about, but I will go back despite that. It may cause me to take up coffee drinking to replace the diet coke, of which, I stopped drinking last Wednesday. I am not putting that nutra sweet in my mouth anymore. OK gotta stop. No one really cares what I have to say anyhow, except myself. Hell yes.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Joe Rocco Track Suit

I love this one too. I should go out and buy a tracksuit. Zo zexy.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Bragging on Brown

I have to brag on my good friend Calef Brown. Check out the number one spot on the New York Frickin Times Children's Best Seller List. YAY CAlef! So everyone go out an buy Flamingo's on the Roof for all the kids you know to keep his book at numero uno.

Friday, January 25, 2008

More Track Suits

Here is another fabulous track suit drawing submitted by Jason Dominguez. Love the camel toe! Thank you Jason.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Track suit ART

Please send me more track suit art. I want MORE! Thank you.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Track suits RULE!

A person who shall remain nameless is currently wearing a matching track suit. I love it! Please email me your matching track suit art.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Spotted Cans with Smoking Beaver

"Spotted Cans with Smoking Beaver" has become available for purchase. To purchase this collaboration between myself and Esther Pearl Watson click on the "buy now" button below or contact me at 626.399.4394.

24" x 25"
Mixed media on paper

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I have the SCOOP!

Martha is bored of writing about me me me, so now Martha is going to write about Esther Pearl Watson. Martha likes being creepy and writing in the third person. Eww just creeped myself out. Stopping now.

So the scoop is that Fantagraphics is going to publish a book version of Esther's super popular Unlovable comic. This is groovy news! Hells yeah.

You can see Unlovable in every issue of Bust Magazine. It was also chosen by Harvey Pekar (American Splendor) and Anne Elizabeth Moore the "The Best American Comics" anthology released by Houghton Mifflin. It is a smart, funny, sweet and sour comic. If you don't know about it you might be slightly uncool, but now you do so that makes you slightly cool again. Lucky for you.

This is a picture of Esther working hard (or hardly working heh heh heh) gathering up all her genius into piles. Look for the book to come out the end o' 2008. There will be old and brand new Unlovable antics in the book so it'll be worth your while. To get you up to speed, you can pick up some past issues of unlovable on OK? Do it. So enough about Esther, have you bought some of my art yet? Well get on that, please. La Luz de Jesus.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Thanks Non-Rain Pusses

Thanks to all you not-scared-of-rain people who came to my opening on Friday. It turned out pretty dang good. Those who didn't come because of the rain, we decided to call "rain pusses." Living in L.A. you know when it rains people stay home, but it still amazes me how rain sends people into panties-in-a-wad freak-out mode. Hey just dishing out some shizz to yous pusses. The philly-girl in me that causes me to do that.

So anyway I took a terrible, shaky video of the room before it got too crowded so you can see how the show looked. I am not a cinematographer OK? Sorry in advance if you get queezy.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Lemon Fresh Pretty

Here is a picture from the preview last night. These are my friends contemplating the deep meaning behind my art. Did they figure it out?

L.A. people, please brave the rain and cold tonight and come to the opening. A little rain never hurt anyone right? It is dry and warm in the gallery. 8pm - 11pm. 4633 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027. 323-666-7667

Out of town people, please check out the show online at the La Luz de Jesus website. You don't have to be there in person to buy a little art. Woohoo! Look at David Sandlin's stuff too. He is cool!