Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Track Suite Heaven

YAY more track suit love come to you thanks to Jim Bradshaw. Fab!

Guess I better do a track suit of my own. Still cannot explain my fascination with this topic right now. Maybe it is because I have been spending so much time on the couch avoiding anything that has to do with running.

I have another Triathlon coming up in June and must get up off the cushions and move it. Must buy a purple matching velour tracksuit with something written on the butt in gothic lettering. Then I will be COOL.

I have officially replaced Diet Coke with Latte's with no sugar and have been taste testing. Here is the order of what I like best so far.
1. Intelligentsia
2. Peet's
3. Coffee Bean
4. Starbuck's

I think I have an addictive personality. Actually I know I do. It is nice to have a routine thing to do in the mornings. Missing the fizziness though.

For real! Please email me your track suit drawrings. Pleeeese!


Joe Rocco said...

Our friend Jimmy has joined us in our quest for World Track Suit Domination! Another beautiful entry in this call for track suitors, and a fine one too.

He good.

jim bradshaw said...

Oh shucks Joe. Your the swellest guy, a fella could ever ask for.

Gee whiz Martha, you're pretty danged swell too. Thanks for the post. This is a fun topic.

Why am I talking like the Beave? I gotta get back to reality.