Friday, February 01, 2008

Bragging on Brown

I have to brag on my good friend Calef Brown. Check out the number one spot on the New York Frickin Times Children's Best Seller List. YAY CAlef! So everyone go out an buy Flamingo's on the Roof for all the kids you know to keep his book at numero uno.


jim bradshaw said...

I came over here looking for Joe's track suit cartoon. That slacker.

Calef does indeed rock. I have "Polka Bats...". It's only a matter of time before owning Flamingos. I think I am becoming addicted to artist books and zines.

Joe Rocco said...

Ok Ok Jim and Martha...I did one. It's God Awful, but I hope it fits the bill. I got sucked into self promotion and Superbowl this weekend

Joe Rocco said...

I'm really excited about Calef's Bestseller's List Ranking of No. 1! That is so cool and I cannot imagine how that must feel. He sure deserves it. His work's always great. His writing is top notch as are the illustrations.