Thursday, October 23, 2008

ICON6 / Illustration Conference

Howdy. Here is a picture I did recently for Groovy. Lots o' stuff going on. Top of my list is working on paintings for my La Luz de Jesus Show in April 2009. It is going to be GOOD! I'll keep you posted on that.

Secondly, I am heading up the transition team for ICON6! The new board was just announced too, so start saving for 2010. Location and dates to be announced later. It will be a FANTASTIC conference if I have anything to do with it and since I am on the board I WILL have something to do with it. Here is the new Board:

Alex Bostic
Soojin Buzelli
Fernanda Cohen
Troy Doolittle
Michael Fleishman
Andy Hayes
John Hendrix
Melanie Reim
Mark Todd
Jaime Zollars
and moi

Fernanda Cohen, Mark Heflin and I make up the Transition Team. Mark Heflin is going to be the new permanent Director of ICON. Check the ICON website for updates and info.

Lastly, I am traveling fool. Going to Pittsburgh (10/28 - 11/1) next week and then NYC for the American Illustration Party (11/11 - 11/15). Yeehaw! Call me if you want to meet up.

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