Sunday, November 19, 2006

spam subject lines of today

Would you click on these spam emails? The subject lines in spam are interesting. They crack me up. Also have you ever accidently clicked on one and there is this strange almost literary writing? Why? It almost sounds like someone writing well, but then the words get all messed up and confusing. Weird. Here are some from today.

party liner paradise grackle

neat-ankled mother language

New, un-known and exciting high revenue occupation

Oh well I guess I have nothing better to write. Although a new unknown exciting high-revenue occupation sounds GOOD! I might click on that one.

Here is a fact. I love Campbell's Hearty Chunky Steak Fajita Soup. If you are on weight watchers the whole can is just 4 points. It be good and fills you up. Although it is weird eating hot soup when it is 90 degrees outside right now. Our studio is COLD! My feet are cold.

Above is an image from my new website

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