Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nothing to do with art

While I was driving across the beautiful Pasadena suicide bridge, a lady in a big-ass BMW SUV, smoking a cigarette and flicking her ashes out the window, threw a crumpled up McDonald's bag out her window. She was wearing a baseball cap with pigtails. What a JERK! I hate people who litter. If she wasn't speeding so fast I would have pulled up beside her and yelled at her. DANG!

Also I am very happy that there are some people reading my blog. That is very cool. Thank you!!!


Christiane said...

I hate those people! Where I live, littering out of car windows seems to be the norm...South East London that is..

plushpussycat said...

I live in Wisconsin. It is full of cows. THEY hate littering. In conversation they denounce heedless people who toss cheese wrappers from their SUVs.

A cheese wrapper can raise painful images in a cow. Their children are quickly stripped away from them and they are made to give up their precious milk to the iron hands of a machine.

Then the cheese. And yuppies coasting along eating curds string out the wrappers inflicting sorrow into the lives of otherwise placid cows.

I wish you could have caught the bitch. Was she talking on a cell phone as well?

Martha Rich said...

She was smoking a cigarette but sheprobably had one of those weird bluetooth things on her head. Couldn't see cause she was going too fast. Just made me so mad. I don't understand at all. I also hate huge big SUVs.

plushpussycat said...

Huge, big, lumbering SUVs are a menace, In parking lots, attempting to inch forward in my little econo-box I CAN'T SEE SHIT AROUND THEM!!!

Several times just when I reach the point I can SEE, another car, whose driver CANNOT SEE ME, zooms past. It is a disaster waiting to happen...and all because of the 18 wheeler size personal vehicles SOME PEOPLE insist on herding around on the public streets and byways.

It makes me VERY ANGRY. Such SUVs, themselves constitute littering, nevermind what their drivers blithely fling out their windows.