Sunday, December 03, 2006

Painting everyday

It is day 33 of my painting every day project. Today I REALLY didn't want to paint. Went to a wedding last night and needless to say the red wine was flowing freely. So today I got my butt to the studio and painted. I am glad I did. I have never been this disciplined EVER! It is kind of scaring me that I have kept it up so far. Hmm I feel good about myself. Nice. Can I do this for a year?

How come I can't be this disciplined about exercising and eating healthy? All these holiday holiday parties and weddings and dinners are kicking me hard. SOOO tired but having much fun. Tomorrow I am going to bed at 9:00 pm.


Shannon said...

your painting-a-day project is super inspiring and makes me want to get off my oreo-snarfling butt and work on some illustrations. i'm sure you know this already, but your hard work and discipline doesn't go unappreciated!

plushpussycat said...

There is too much discipline and ambition around here. I am a girl of seventy. I was shunning Oreo's for paint brushes half a century ago! Eisenhower was president! It was the age of The Organization Man. Television had been on the scene with any sort of force for merely a half dozen years or so. Sadly, black people had their own drinking fountains and passed, quietly, to the back of buses and trains. The only Martin Luther we knew was that German dude that had called out The Church.

THEN I was making myself paint. I lived in a carriage house (a REAL one mind you, not simply a garage with pretensions) in Kansas City. I was a student at The Art Institute. I painted and sculpted. Robert Motherwell of The Rhode Island School of Design held my imagination. Of course, I wrote poetry, as well, describing the mid-west's patchwork plains and lovers I had taken there. One does not paint ALL the time...

Now I be taking it easy, just like the cows of Wisconsin. My couch beckons and by God I respond. is good to know a new generation is doing what needs to be done, one taking the flame from the other, pressing on. Sometimes, with things as they are president-wise I doubt there is reason to get up in the morning, let alone WORK. It is reassuring to realize that somewhere, out there, young artists still create.