Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Art is fun

When I started my freedomwig painting-a-day project I fretted too much about what people might like to see and trying to be all cool and artsy. The longer it goes on, the more I find myself not worrying about that anymore. This is refreshing. I am just doing it. Some turn out better than others, but it just doesn't matter. YAY. Thinking is overrated. Doing is better.


plushpussycat said...

First, I must tell you that I grow embarrassed posting so many times on your blog. I find, in you, a kindred spirit (or so I fancy I do) and it is tempting to comment on everything. If you grow tired of my blithering please let me know. There are evidences of aging in some of us. Rattling on is one of them. It is not a way I want to be.

I think I do know of the liberation of becoming immersed in one's work. Years ago at the Art Institute, in some of the classes we were made to draw blindfolded. They asked us to put our charcoal, pen, pencil, whatever, on the surface of the paper and to IMAGINE going around the outline of a figure. Day after day we did such things. In time my pinched way of drawing disappeared. I learned to hold an instrument, not as one holds a pencil, but grasped in the hand and making strokes in broad gestures, loose wristed and free.

I do wish you success and satisfaction in your work. Might I suggest a photographic record of the day by day activity and product gathered at the end of the year. That might even become a book. Perhaps you might write things to go between the art pieces...glimpses of how you felt and fragments of what you learned along the way.

I would buy it!

Martha Rich said...

I love your comments! Thank you.

Shannon said...

may i ask why you are always coming to philadelphia? i live right around the corner, only a wee drive away (in king of prussia), so if there are any shows that you are in the know about i figured i should probably check them out as well! i recommend the art star gallery, if you haven't seen it already.

great, now i want a cheesesteak.

Martha Rich said...

I actually grew up in Devon and my dad lives in the city. That is why I am always coming back to Philly! I just ate a hoagie and I am FULL but it tasted good. They don't have good hoagies in Los Angeles.
I will check out the Art Star Gallery. Thanks!