Tuesday, December 05, 2006

San FRancisco

I am off to San Fran tonight. Going to work on a project with 826 Valencia, a cool organization that helps turtor students to improve their writing skills. It was founded by Dave Eggers (McSweeney's). Maybe they can help me done write better too. I get to meet with a student who has written a story and together we will develop an illustration to go with their story. Coolness!

I love San Francisco. I go there whenever I need a quick city fix. Los Angeles is a great place to live but really isn't a city. It's just a bunch of suburbs all hooked together. San FRan is incredibly beautiful and you can walk around and the architecture is dreamy! Hopefully I'll get some good inspiration for my daily paintings.

There is this one crazy junk store in North Beach that is ALWAYS closed when I am there. My friend Jennifer calls me every time she walks by the store to taunt me because it is always open EXCEPT when I am in town. It better be open this week. I REALLY want to go inside. It is one of those stores that has dusty junk piled high everywhere. Please let it be open. PLEASE!!!


plushpussycat said...

Google Beth Pewther. She lives in San Fran and is pretty cool. An artist. Sort of left over from the sixties. She and her husband have a gallery there. She got on the guide maps because she tiled her house into a mural. I think it is on Bronte Street.

In fact, she is really cool. You might find a common thread. I knew her way back.

plushpussycat said...

Just came back to see your website and realized in my zeal to introduce you to Beth I had completely passed over mentioning how wonderful your trip and how rewarding seems what you are doing

If there are any decent angels or other shades looking over us (and I am skeptical on that) your store will be open and you will find a lost Van Gogh lurking behind a broken table leg that has been painted to resemble the Johnstown flood.

Power to you!!!!!

Martha Rich said...

Thank you! I am going to try and find your friend. Probably the next time I am here as I leave tomorrow. Going to the store today. I have my fingers crossed.