Saturday, December 09, 2006

Home / Southwest

I am back home. I ate too much good stuff in SF. The junk store was finally open!! It was piled HIGH with all kinds of junk and I found some amazing things but alas the fellow who runs the place priced everything too dang high. WAY too high for the way the place looks. It feels like the basement of your crazy old aunt with OCD who hoards everything. I was expecting rock bottom prices but he was charging fancy antique store prices. So I only ended up with some old movie magazines. He said he has to close down the store by January 31 so I was suprised he wasn't more motivated to sell. I'll go back close the the 31st and see what's up.

I have been flying Southwest alot lately. Have you noticed how crazy people who fly Southwest get about lining up in the A, B, C lines? The people in the A line are the craziest of them all! God forbid if you stand in the wrong place. The A-liners lose it if you stand wrong. Doesn't make sense because if you are in the A line you will get a decent seat even if you are the last A. I love watching people get all high and mighty about the order of the line. It is quite entertaining.


plushpussycat said...

Bummer, man, that your store turned out to be so rotten. I hate junk shops that try to rob you and farmer's markets the same. When a person arranges a few cukes and a tomato or so alongside the road, no overhead mind you, and charges supermarket prices it ticks me. Same with dusty, spider-ridden holes in the wall that price like Sak's.

But it WAS open!

Maybe next time he will have had a change of heart and greet you as one from afar for whom he has "kept back" a special treasure. Maybe some frisky little spirit will whisper in his ear that you are an artist who conjures a painting EVERY DAY and he will be so stricken with his greed and regret that he will give you your choice from the store at no charge. Well, tax. But that is all.

I can tell you none of this has ever happened to me...but it could. And, if to you, never to a more delightful person to know by blog.

In time I may not be able to write more. I have inflamed this entire town because I found that army recruiters are TEACHING EXERCISE CLASSES in gym at my grandson's high school. They also pass out papers with personal questions: What are your plans after school? Do you need money?

Can you imagine.

This is a conservative place. Lots of old warhorses. Lots of "concerned women". One of the restaurants has a "Rush Room" where Limbaugh's program is played while people glumly chomp their Lotta-Burgers.

One of my strong dislikes is for "concerned women". I say "Watch out when anyone so describes herself". Meddling women is what I call them. A whole gaggle of them pass around information that I "don't support the troops".

It is the pits here, except for the Holsteins. Do you know that cows just don't care about most things.

Martha Rich said...

I am horrified by the army recruiter thing.