Friday, June 22, 2007 ALL NEW!

Hey I totally redid my website! Please go to and check it out. I can now update it more easily.

As for these pictures, the top one is of Esther P. Watson at their home studio. She uses that big huge jar of white to paint with! Wha wha WHAAA? We were collaborating the other night. You can see the results at We collaborated in the past on the McSweeny's book "Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is." The work we did for that ended up in American Illustration 25 too. It was a fruitful collaboration. Esther is wack!

The middle picture is a bunch of my one-a-day paintings hanging on a wall together. Crazy. Annie from Billy Shire Fine Arts came by the studio to look at our work. She rocks.

The other picture is of me in my Roy Roger's Family Restaurant uniform from when I was 16. OY I look like a middle aged lady who can kick ass. I don't know why I put this up. It kills me! What was I thinking? So frickin' hot.


UXUA said...

Hello! I really love your artwork!
Best regards!

carlos thomas said...

you are amazing and your works
i do love them too

cheers ;)

//FINE LITTLE DAY// said...

I love your artwork too. //Fan