Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Too Dang Tired

Now that I got some sleep, here are some new drawrings. The first one is a self portrait based on my senior high school picture. The other one is a random drawing. As you can tell I often focus on beauty and all the crap we do to make ourselves look younger and prettier. Annoying, but I do it. We are all vain. The photo is of me after the sprint triathlon, lookin sweaty n' ragged. I am glad I did it. It was super hard, but I am hooked and plan on doing another one, maybe in October. CRAZY. I need to go faster.


Kristin said...

Hello Martha!
I just discovered your blog, and I am impressed especially by your ongoing project with one painting each day in one year! You even seems to go trough with it! And of course I love your art in general! Inspiration!
I am an Norwegian illustrator and graphic designer myself, and I often think of projects like: ‘Draw from the newspaper each day‘ … Well it lasts for about two or three days. But it is a good idea, though. I wish you all the best and luck with the remaining of the

leslie hart said...

Wait...you are crazy, another one? Go for it, you trydog! What? heehee...your the best!


jaime said...

Congratulations on the triathalon! I once thought I'd train for one, but it never even came CLOSE to happening. That takes some serious commitment. Quite impressive. Love the blog updates!