Tuesday, August 07, 2007

groovy party

Hey our studio party was super fun. I had a great time and met a ton of new people. I love having parties here because every party is so different. There are a few of our regular friends who show up each time and then there are always crazy new people coming around. It is a good thing. This party was exceptional, at least for me.

It was really nice because there were a bunch of people who appreciated my beaver art. It is excellent when people get you.

Here are a few pictures. They don't really represent the party. I was too busy chatting people up to take good pics. The bottom picture shows Seonna Hong. She is one of our new studio mates. She cool. Do you like the nice picture of moi with my friend Steve? I need to take normal pictures on occasion. I am always a spaz. I can look perty if I want to.

I am almost caught up posting all my one-a-days. After that I'll start getting some more art-related stuff on this.

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