Monday, August 27, 2007

jobs n' portraits

Here is a job I just did for a French ad agency. A little different. The concept wasn't mine though. Can't take credit for that. It was an enjoyable experience even though there was a language barrier.

A while ago I got the idea to do portraits of people I meet thru this blog, then it kinda got sidetracked. I figured the best way to get this going is to do the portraits in the one-a-day. The first one I did was on August 24. The person sent me some funny stuff including Charlie's Angels trading cards and a high school picture of herself. I combined the two.

Hopefully the people who sent me stuff won't expect a beautiful likeness. I am trying to change it up a bit, plus I don't do beautiful even if you are are super perfect, you won't come out that way in my pictures. Look for more in the next few weeks. FREEDOMWIG

Well I am pretty busy this week too. Trying to finish up a comission and a bunch o' jobs. It is nice to be busy. Things is good.


kelly said...

Aww, thanks, Martha! I'm honored to be the first one, especially with farrah and bosley. You did a great job - the picture was pretty wrecked to begin with! I guess the blue hair was a bit much, huh?
I'm glad you liked all the weird stuff. I've been saving those cards since the 4th grade - I think I have the entire collection, with enough extras to fool around with. I even did a few beaded and embroidered cards, a la Mark Newport.
Anyway, cool idea for a series - I can't wait to see the rest of the portraits... you should use those shooting stars in all of them!

Jason said...

This came out very nice! I love how you changed up your style a bit. It's always nice to experiment with different drawing techiques! Way cool.