Wednesday, November 14, 2007


These pictures are some new art I did with Esther Pearl Watson for a show this weekend curated by Mark Murphy at the Robert Berman Gallery. It opens Saturday. They are 24 x 24, mixed media on paper. Collaborating is awesome when it works!! SMF (so much fun).

YAY ART! Come check out the show and buy one of these strange and fabu pieces of art. They look better in person. My camera work isn't the best. Here is a link for more info.

Also make sure you get to La Luz de Jesus Gallery to see Mark Todd's show before it comes down in two weeks. It is pretty dang awesome too. Mark is married to Esther and I share a studio with both of them.


Shannon said...

hey pretty lady,

just wanted to let you know that our hankies are going to be almost-neighbors at edith's installation on the 19th. i'm all the way out in philly, so i won't be able to see the show in person, but say hi to my hankie for me! here's a link to what it looks like:


Mrs. R said...

Very cool. I love the top one.

Olivia said...

Martha - just wanted to say that I love this collaboration and have been following your painting a day project for the past few months and am often completely enamoured by the honesty of your paintings. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

mechanical bird said...

Great stuff! Please consider posting work and other random and/or intriguing imagery on

mechanical bird said...

Hey, I like.
Consider posting imagery on:

Nate Williams said...

very nice!