Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am a nerd

The reason I am a nerd is that I am posting this picture of Pasadena City Hall. Today when I went to the bank, for some reason I stopped and looked around and was struck by how pretty Pasadena is and what an ideal place it is to live (except for the frickin expensive home prices). I love Pasadena. I can't believe I live here. So after depositing my moola, I took a minute and stood around watching Pasadenans go about their business in this pretty little city and it made me dang happy. If that isn't nerdy I don't know what is. It is even more nerdy that I am sharing this. Blogging is nerdy very nerdy.

To change the subject, here is a bit of art news. Tomorrow is the last day of one-painting-a-day for a whole frickin year! I can't believe I did 365 different arts. Check it out. Buy one for a holiday present for someone. That will make you a cool person. Ha ha ha.

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Joe Rocco said...

Hello, fellow nerd. You know, my old Irish landlady, that I had back when I was going to Art Center and living on N. Oak St, once told me that Pasadena was built on the "Florentine model". Many of the buildings are based on architecture from Florence, Italy and the City Hall is definitely one of those buildings. There's also a chuch just off the fwy there that is based on the same architrectural style they were trying to emulate in the early days of Pasadena. It does look sort of Italian to me as I glide by the Colorodo Street Bridge into town. Love that little town. Very timeless to me.