Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here is my latest newsletter. I haven't put much up lately because I have been super busy doing jobs, teaching, training for another triathlon and working on artwork for my show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in January. Woohoo. Crazy. I am tried.

YAY. I have 21 days left on my freedomwig! It has been great, but I need a dang break. Can't believe at the end I'll have done 365 pieces o' art in one year. Hootenanny.

Hey original art makes a good holiday present, right? Check it out and spread the word. In addition to the new work I am doing, some of the one-a-days will be in the La Luz show so if there is a piece you dig let me know now.

I will start up on Freedomwig again in February 2008 and doing one painting a week. Discipline is good. Later.


Tracy said...

I just found the road that lead to you and I'm so glad to know about you & your work. I'm lovin' it all including the sassafras that vibrates from your blog. You and your work are fierce!!!

Joe Rocco said...

I'm following in your footsteps Martha. Wow! I'm so dang inspired. And I sure needed to be this morning. Can't wait for your show at La Luz!