Tuesday, September 25, 2007

36 days to go

Only have 36 more paintings to go on my one painting a day thing on freedomwig.com. Woohoo! It has been HARD. Here are a bunch of images that people bought and got framed. I am about to ship them out.

On November 1, 2007 my focus will be on my La Luz de Jesus show in January. Nothing new will be for sale until after the show. Then on February 1, 2008, I will start doing a painting a week and showing the process on this blog.


Kiandra said...

i just found your blog off of fly's, i love your work, and how wonderful to find out that you are local and show at one of my favorite galleries, la luz de jesus. i think i know jeff soto also. have you ever shown in the i.e. i belong to a gallery called division 9 gallery and we have a arts walk every first thursday of the month. i know your stuff will do well out here.

by the way i really respect your post about the client that hated your work. i understand what you are saying, and some commissioned pieces never quite work out, because some people don't understand you have to let an artist be an artist.

nevertheless...learning experiences are always worth it.

you have great work...happy to have found you...and i will probably check out your show in january.

Joe Rocco said...

You can do it Martha! Goin' the distance, baby!!!

Seriously, I don't know how you've managed to the painting a day goal as you have. It's awe-inspiring.