Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hey peeps. I'll probably do more on my blog after the 31st. I am thinking of documenting the process of getting ready for a gallery show. I have one coming up in January.

Anyway here is a book cover I did. I got it in the mail yesterday. I pretty much forgot about it because I did this illustration so long ago.

I truly love painting and eating lobsters. OK gotta run and teach a class!


Joe Rocco said...

That is one funny lobster-themed book cover. How did it feel to see it with the design all in place, after such a long time, from when you turned it in to the recent publishing of it? (Man, I'm the King of the run on sentence.)

jim bradshaw said...

Lobsters rock! Have you ever had the lobster pizza at Chickie's & Petes over near the stadium in Philly cuz it is the juiciest most delicous thing you could ever put in your mouth except it is way fattening so I have to limit the use and now I think I just got installed as the new king of the run on sentence so step down Joe and take heart becuase I will let you serve in my kingdom. Good luck with your show. I wish I lived out there. I want some big gallery action in Philly! I am from S.Jersey and crave that scene.

Martha Rich said...

I'll be in Philly in December and I am definitely going to have to get me a lobster pizza. That is CRAZY!