Friday, February 12, 2010

Art Constipation

Needless to say grad school has been a challenging, anger and joy inducing activity. It is knocking me around and is exciting and terrifying at the same time. It forces you to confront yourself. Bleh.

I am going to try and write more about the experience without sounding like a baby or a boring cliche which will be very hard as I feel like a big baby and I am a cliche. In the meantime, I am feeling the need to purge, purge, purge. My art is constipated. I must get rid of the art that is hanging out in my apartment.

So MEGA SALE starting officially on Monday, February 15, but you can check out the art as I post the work. All art is going for either $100, $50 or $25!

Click here for $100 art.
Click here for $50 art.
Click here for $25 art.

1 comment:

Curiosity Designer said...

I absolutely adore your artwork!