Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bon Appetit

Here is what my art looks like in a beautiful spread by an art director who knows how to use illustration! There are actually more spreads to this article. I thought it was very daring to use paintings rather than photography in a food magazine. Thank you Matthew Lenning!

I hope more designers start using illustration in more daring ways. There are so many amazing artists doing really interesting stuff out there right now. The potential is staggering. AND illustration is lower maintenance and more cost effective than producing a photo shoot.


Annie I said...

I loved how your illustration was used in that issue! I was buying Bon Appetit most months last year because I enjoyed the illustration they were using! (I know, I should have just subscribed.) I'm a little sad to see that they haven't used as much illustration lately...and you're right, it costs more to produce a photo shoot.

Helena said...

You know, I've always marvelled at how you make everything look so tasty. Cakes, bras, everything.

Ellen Perry said...

This is beautiful Martha! It looks more delicious than a photo. You're an inspiration. :)