Monday, March 02, 2009

Pessimistically Optimistic

Now that my favorite Adam Carolla is no longer waking me up in the mornings I am forced to go to public radio. I don't like music in the morning. I need talk.

Anyway this morning I woke up to this: bailout, bailout, 60 billion loss, death, death, starvation, war, global warming, poison, mining, destruction. GEEZ. Why get up? YAY everything is going to hell! Would it kill the newsfolks to throw in a little something positive like hey the sun rose this morning and it sho was perty. Or 90% of the people still have jobs for now. Or I went outside this morning and smelled the jasmine and it smelled real dang good.

I can take the bad news but waking up to it ain't good. Why did 97.1 have to go top 40? I need FUNNY! I need Adam Carolla back.

Anyway here is a sneak peak of art for my April show. It is called "Pessimistically Optimistic." That's pretty much how I deal right now. I might change it and the name might change but it is a start. Peace out.


Heather Jerdee said...

Pessimistically Optimistic makes me smile inside, so do the bugs :) And the pink hair is really beautiful!

Shane Harrison said...

Im a Carolla fan too. He just started a podcast that's about an hour each day -so you wont have to go cold turkey. And btw, i love this painting!

Martha Rich said...

Yep I have been listening to the podcasts but it just ain't the same. I liked the radio alarm going off in the morning and hearing their coolness. I tried Mark and Brian this morning and it was TOO painful. I'd rather hear depressing public radio than super sad lameness. And hey thank you!

Morita Vargas said...

I love love love really love your draws and painting.
My last post is dedicated to you =)