Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sneak Peak Nice School

Here is another image from my upcoming show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. It is called Pleasant Thinking. This show is about being nice, thinking pleasant thoughts, being selfless, putting everyone else first. These are qualities I was taught are desirable in a woman. While being nice is a good thing, a person can get lost in one's niceness. I explore this theme by using humorous images to show the ridiculousness and futility of trying to be nice and perfect all the time.

This isn't to say that everyone should be a jerk. On the contrary, people should be nice, but not to the point where your identity disappears.

If you are in L.A. next week please come to my opening! It is from 8-11 on Friday, April 3rd. Coolness!


James Chong said...

i love this martha! i hope for the best at your show~

Heather Jerdee said...

Dammit I wish I could come, I hope it's a great evening for you. I really like this one. And sugar and spice everything nice and barf-o-rama.

Anonymous said...

my southern grandma taught me the word "joy" , an acronym to use when thinking... first J for jesus, what would jesus do and what does jesus want you to do? then o for others, what do others need? then lastly, y for you,after you think of jesus and then others, then you can think of yourself.

Martha Rich said...

That is nice thought. My show explores the part where you never think about yourself which is what a lot of women I know do.