Monday, January 15, 2007

Busy New Projects

I am busy finishing paintings for a show in New York. It is a group show with Frieda Clayton, Pam Henderson and Lee Bakofsky at Aidan Savoy Gallery. I am working on 5 paintings. I don't have much time left and I am freaking out, but hopefully they will turn out good. Here is one of the pictures. It is of Donny Osmond and you can't really read it but it says "get me a beer donny." I know that is a random thing to paint, but I like it. Most of my paintings are random.

I probably should be deeper but I think the meanings behind the paintings show themselves eventually. I used to have a crush on Donny Osmond.

As for the online dating thing. I haven't had much time to devote to it. I am emailing a few people. I'll let you know if anything interesting happens.

Another idea I had was to have people who have read this blog send me a picture and a little bio and I would do portraits and then maybe someday do a show of the work. I love the idea of the random ways people meet, online, travelling, in a grocery store. People are interesting. This is going to be an ongoing project, a collection of real people. If you are interested email me.


plushpussycat said...

This sounds as if it will be an amazing project. I will send a photo but it will have to be by snail mail. May I have your address?

I am sure I have not heard of any artist gathering images from random posting pals and putting them together. What a varied group we will be.

When I was young I used to travel often by train. Long distances. I took that time to be "out of time" during which I could live any drama I wished. My excuse was that to meet a fictional person of vast interest and glamour was better for my traveling companions than to sit next to a kid from Oklahoma, a boring one at that.

So with each boarding I assummed an identity. I wore little black dresses and hats with mesh veils, very, very high heels and in all sorts of weather carried a discretely furled black umbrella with a jeweled handle. Of course my make-up was flawless.

I was mistaken for a star of the Ice Capades, for Jean Seaberg and on one trip I identified myself as the love child of a missionary and a Chinese Mandarin, born in an oxcart near the Tibetian border.

It was such a lark. At seventy I am so glad I did every mad thing I could in "the sweet years". No one would believe such fiction now. My chin is wrinkled. I am that most worthless of commodities: an old person. Ah, but once I knew what "my candle burns at both ends" meant. There is a line in "Memory" from Cats that goes: I was beautiful then, and I knew what happiness was..." That, too, rings a bell.

I will send a photo. Can this be my biography?

Martha Rich said...

I love your stories and would love to include you in the project. You can send a photo to my studio:
1302 Yosemite Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90041

I think I need to figure out the details for the project and set up some ground rules and release forms. So stay tuned for further developments. I am excited because I have already got some response to this!

plushpussycat said...

You flatter me so! I give you twenty years to stop it!

Little old ladies LOVE to have an ear to speak into. I recognize that in myself. I am bemused by it.

I am send some photos for you to do with what you will...including nothing. Artists are not to be compelled. This is an exciting concept but if you lose your zest for it, then look at the photos and move on. I will not inquire why.

Good luck on the New York thing!

Anonymous said...

i think this is a great idea. i have your book; love your work. i currently live in yaounde, cameroon and your style is very similar to how they paint hair salon/barbershop advertising signs. i have a collection.
may i, too, send a picture to your studio?

Martha Rich said...

Yes, Please send a picture and maybe a little interesting paragrapgh about yourself. I am still working out the details of the project but will be ready to go in the middle of February. Thanks!!!