Saturday, January 20, 2007

Soo wrong

This is my anxiety artwork. I have already quit the online dating thing. It caused me too much anxiety. It just seems so wrong, at least for me. I know a couple people who have met their spouse online and it worked out really well for them. Married with children and content. That is just not me.

It was too impersonal talking in emails with someone you have never met. It is easier to email people once you know what they are about. My emails tend to kinda be smartass and if you don't know me you might take them the wrong way. I think a few people did. oops!

I guess I just like meeting people the old fashioned way. In person.

Hey for the portrait project I will post more details the middle of February. This show in NYC is taking up all my time right now. Feel free to email me though, if you are interested!


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