Wednesday, April 18, 2007

more underwear

Looking at yesterday's blog you see the 100 undergarments page, I had planned to paint 100 undergarments, but got bored pretty quickly and only painted a few. Come give me a hug is from that 50 cent song... hey shorty its your birthday...drink know that song, right? I hope I have the words right. The "come give me a hug" part in the song is so random and creepy.

You know, there are WAY too many avenues for people to express their opinions (this blog is included) in the world today. People are talking talking talking writing writing writing talking talking about every little detail of this horrible shooting repeating everything over and over and over. My head is going to explode. There is too much information. I need to turn it all off; the computer, the Tv, the radio, but then I would feel guilty for not being informed. AHHHH! HELP!!!

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