Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Perfect Figure Guarantee

Getting better at saying no these days. I used to say yes to everything, then get cranky and pissed off when I was too busy to get anything done properly, even though it was my own dang fault. Spreading oneself too thin doesn't do anyone any good.

The middle is about a lovely bra described as the new "new-dity." Love that. I like this page. The blue dots are done with a bic ball point pen. The problem is I think I am the only one who likes stuff to look messy and weird and imperfect. Magazines and advertisers love things to be pretty and neat and tidy and perfect. I can do pretty, it just bores me.

The bottom pages are more of the funny advertisements I love so much. They are based on real ads. These aren't as strong as some I have done before.

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Ape said...

I love that your illustration is messy and imperfect. I'm a designer and I love to design messy and imperfectly. I believe there is a place for it in the design/advertising world.

And who cares if they don't get you. Your work is amazing. Hopefully I'll have a project for you to work on someday!

» did you find a cute outdoorsy guy yet? I think being single sucks sometimes.