Tuesday, April 10, 2007

non-specific sketchbook

Today I am suffering from non-specific anxiety. Hate that feeling. Have no idea what I am anxious about. Oh well.

Here are some more sketchbook pages. These are pretty old, but still relevant. Remember when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dated and that was all you saw? It was very annoying. But it has only gotten worse since then. Celebrities are super annoying. Super duper annoying.

The top pages are about more of my insecurities, being alone, fatness, blah blah blah. The usual crud. But don't feel so fat anymore because of training for the triathlon. I can actually run a 5k without stopping. Miracle! As for aloneness, I do have a pretty healthy social life, just need a boyfriend. That is where I don't do so well. There has only been one person lately that I have had any interest in and he doesn't live in L.A. and has a girlfriend so that will never happen. Hey if anyone out there can fix me up with someone cool, artsy, outdoorsy, fun and cute, I'd be grateful!

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