Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I be back!

San Francisco was groovy. Met some new excellent people. I love it up there. That city is the most beautiful place. If I was a writer type I would describe it better than that. Gee whiz it sure is pretty. Anyway, it helped being up there with new people and doing new things because I have been so whiny and insecure and poor me-ish lately. AND the charity auction raised $14,000 buck-a-roonies!

Also I went to the book launch /reception for Exactly, a book published by 826 Valencia. It showcases stories written by kids who were tutored by 826 Valencia and paired them with a different illustrator (I was paired with Connie Chueng). Pretty cool. The cover is by Jacob Magraw-Mickelson and I think it is exceptional! On top of that I got to meet Dave Eggers. I am big fan.

Well gotta run. I am behind on everything. I'll post some of my art tomorrow. Peace out.

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