Friday, May 25, 2007

No art today just pics!

Hello! Wednesday night a bunch of us went to the preview of Tim Biskup's new work at Billy Shire Fine Arts. The show was cool and different, very raw. I like to see artists changing it up and he definitely has. Check it out if you can.

After the preview, there was an after party at some bar on Hollywood Boulevard. These are pics from that. We got a wacky and took a bunch of pictures of us punching each other. It was funny...really! I guess you had to be there. I have a weird sense of humor. So do my friends. They are the BEST!

The top pics is one of the few "nice" ones. That's Frieda Gossett Jr. Clayton the 3rd on the left, Aaron Smith in the middle and me on the right. I actually wore a dress and got gussied up. I needed a little girly girlness as I am usually in paint covered jeans and tee looking the slob. My friend Arlene Guerra styled me. She is a stylist and is staying with me while looking for a place to live in L.A. She moved here from NYC. She also makes really cool jewelry.

The middle pic is of Frieda gouging out Mark Todd's eyes. Hilarious right? And the bottom is Esther Pearl Watson socking Gary Baseman in the jaw. Classic! I have a ton more, but I think it would best to stop now so you don't think I am too much of a freak.


Anonymous said...

A lot of folks would like to sock Baseman in the jaw.

Thanks for the pics!

Joe Rocco said...

She's got a mean right hook! I think Gary should sue that hot-tempered Esther P. W.! She's gone "Lindsay Lohan" K-R-A-Z-Y!

Martha Rich said...

Aw Gary ain't that bad.