Thursday, May 03, 2007

out of town

I am in Pittsburgh visiting my family. If something groovy happens and I take pictures or do a cool drawing this weekend I'll post it. OK?

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leslie said...

San Francisco is a magical husband and I love to visit when we can gather the bucks to make that trek! A long one for us!!!
Good to hear you had a great time away. I loved the drawing of the lady on the grassy knoll, funny. My husband and I are on vacation now at the big notorious Myrtle Beach, SC. My parents have a camper down there so we decided to stay in that to save some money and it has been an experience. We are having a storm right now, kinda scary.
The drawings are looking great, a good change up from the paintings. You are so TALENTED!
I hope you enjoy your vacation, you're on my side of the US of A, I'm down South from your family.

Anyway, have a great time away. Us onlookers will forgive you for not posting for a few days of rest. But back to it girl, you can't let us down, you are our inspiration!