Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jury duty sketchbook

Jury duty is a great place to get some drawing done. This is a book from one of my many jury duty runs. I have friends who NEVER get called for jury duty, friends with jobs who pay them for jury duty. While I don't mind doing my duty it is a little annoying to get called every year especially because I work for myself. They don't give a crap if you work for yourself anymore. Oh well.

When I was applying to art school I used a sketchbook of life drawings I did while on jury duty since I didn't have access to nude models. It worked!

These drawings I did while sitting on a jury for a limo driver who was on trial for not returning the limo after his shift was done. Boring. The time before I was on a jury for a murder, a guy accused of killing his wife. That was NOT fun. Boring yet disturbing. Not at all like Law & Order.

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