Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Excellent Time

I had an amazing time in NYC. The show looked great. This was one of the best openings I have been too. Nina and Wendy and Alix of Aidan Savoy Gallery did an amazing job. Good energy and lot's o' groovy people showed up. It was nice being around new people. I met some excellent folks and saw a bunch of old friends too. Here in L.A. you see the same people at all the openings. I sold a painting and hopefully will sell some more. Someday I will sell a show out. Someday....I hope. Click here to see all the artwork in the show. If you live in New York definitely go see the show.

This picture is of me, Alix (curator), Wendy (gallery owner), Frieda (artist), Lee (artist), Nina (gallery owner) and Pam (artist).

P.S. Hey the cold wasn't so bad. I wasn't as big a wimp as I thought I would be. Check out Freedomwig.com and check out the new stuff. Peace out!


jaime said...

Hey Martha! The show looks great. I love that I can almost know what is going on in the art world from your posts. I tend to be a hermit. Congrats on selling the piece and I bet you'll sell more before it's through. Good luck with your next project(s). Dare I send you a photograph? The jury is still out on that one.

Martha Rich said...

Yes Jaime you should send me a photo but I could probably find one of you somewhere in my vast collection!