Friday, February 23, 2007


Went to the Damien Hirst opening at the Gagosian Gallery last night in Bev Hills. Super paparazzi hollywoody. My pink Old Navy jacket rubbed up against a lot of fancy fabrics.

If you look real hard you'll see our lovely govenor Arnold in the middle of the picture.

Lots of pulled tight folks. I love it! The people were more interesting than the art. Where else can you run into Courtney Love, Flea, Jon Waters and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the same room? Sweetness. I love L.A.

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plushpussycat said...

I am working on my six degrees of separation: Martha Rich has a photo of pussycat and goes to an event at which Arnold who is married to a Kennedy is in attendence. We can assume Arnold's wife rubbed shoulders with JFK,Jr. as she grew up and we all KNOW who his mother married. Thus I am all but kissin' cousins with a Greek shipping magnate.

Ain't it an amazing world?