Friday, February 16, 2007

New Project

I have already gotten several awesome packets from very cool people for my portrait project. I still haven't worked out the details yet but I am getting really excited about it. Just remember that I don't paint pretty perfect pictures, just look left. So don't be mad, you might end up looking a little bit off. I want it to be more about the stories too. If you want pretty take a picture, right?

I am going to get off the computer to go outside and enjoy the 80 degree weather right now. Sorry to rub it in for those living in cold places. Everyone should move to California! No wait I take that back we don't need anymore people. I am being selfish. Pasadena is the ideal place to live except for how expensive the dang houses are. I am saving my pennies so some day I can buy a little cottage.


plushpussycat said...

I know your style and still sent in my packet. Anything goes with my blessing which also extends to your scrapping the entire project.

Nothing in your vision will offend or disappoint me. It is the REAL wrinkles and drooping flesh that drives me nuts. Yuk!

An artist in handcuffs is no artist at all. Be free...with all that awesome state implies!

plushpussycat said...

Besides Ms. Rich, you could not do ANYTHING to me that the years have not already done. Compared to Time, the Destroyer, you, Dear Woman, are but an amateur.

Paint On!!!