Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why so cold?

I am off to NYC tomorrow morning at the crack o' dawn. I am scared of the cold. I have maybe one warm sweater. I grew up in the cold but have lived in southern california for so long my blood has thinned and I am wimpy. I mean it was 80 degrees yesterday!!! How am I supposed to go from 80 to 12? HOW? I am wearing flip flops right now.

I guess I'll manage. I plan to write stuff while in NYC although ya never know. OK I'll quit my bitchin cause I love NYC no matter what. Here is another picture from the show. It is pretty small and simple.

I sure hope people come out to see. My whole family will be there. I am excited to see them. Hope to meet some new people too. If you know anyone in NYC tell them to go. All the artwork is on the gallery's website right now. Groovy.

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plushpussycat said...

"It's great to be RICH in New York!"

I can see the headline now. Your show is a stellar success. A triumph! Your California warmth THAWS the City. Kids gather around fireplugs in knee britches playing "Martha Ball", juggling them, keeping three in the air at once.! The Times puts out a special tab section. Images of your paintings are everywhere, on buses and billboards, winking as they pass.

That is how I see your trip. Just a lark, another feather in your bright cap.

How can it be otherwies?