Thursday, March 08, 2007

Candy Culture Interview

Hello people. I am going to toot my own horn today, but then again blogging is one big old horn toot, isn't it? Anyway. Candy Culture did an interview with me in their current issue. It is a pretty cool online magazine. Download issue #7. They also interviewed my friend Tara McPherson too.

Here is today's freedomwig art. Thanks!

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plushpussycat said...

Yikes, Martha!

That is a great interview and gallery in the magazine. I feel as if I should be sputtering, grasping for words.

First it was being with Ar-nold...then rubbing shoulder pads in HOLLYWOOD...and now THIS! Martha. You must be some person of great stature...and me, just the remains of what once was now an old crone among the Holsteins. It makes me ponder all sorts of existential eventualities.

I noticed the mention of your mother and the wigs around. At first, for me, there were only human hair models, very expensive, made of the hair of Orientals that went all fuzzy, frazzled if you looked at them crossways. I kept mine to weat "out". Even at that they lasted just days it seemed. Later there was luxurious fake hair, soft as an Afghan hound's extravagant ears. Those I could wear every day, until at length I thought they were my own, long locks sprung straight from my scalp.

Great piece, Martha. I feel privileged to "know" you.