Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sketchbook City

Hopefully you aren't bored yet. Maybe I should do something else. Anyway. Old cookbooks are a source of excellent stuff. I love them!! They need to be from the 50s and 60s, though because the printing quality from that era is the greatest. Check out the pancakes (above the corset in the top image) with letters in them. Very sweet.

So these pages are in various stages of finish. I was trying a little typography and breaking down jello into basic shapes. Jello rules. It is the most amazing thing. I should make sculptures out of jello somehow. Jello fascinates me. I am weird.


leslie hart said...

No! Don't stop, we are not bored! I love the sketchbook page sneek peek.

I so agree with the old cook books. I am working on a series of small collages using a cookout cookbook from the 50's and the pictures are so colorful, I love them myself.

I can't figure out why the look so different from pictures today in books...what is it?

I need to see if I kept your address when I bought your book to keep on file for when I "find" wierd things or just something I think you might like (I do my sister like that as well) I will pop it in the mail. It is so great getting unexpected goodies in the mail!

I frequently take a walk through a school playground and find drawings and letters from the kids. Its great, its kinda like finding secret messages not meant for me at my age, hee, hee!

Anyway, keep it up and btw thanks for the link! I put you up on my "myspace" page in return. I appreciate it, your the BEST!

kelly said...

Oh, please keep sharing your sketchbooks! They are fantastic! Your dedication to drawing and painting is inspiring and checking your blog/freedomwig is one of the highlights of my day.

Great interview in Candy Culture. The Frederick's of Hollywood catalog would be amazing. I remember the old crotchless panties and slutty-type stuff they used to have.
If I were queen of the universe, my dream would be for you to design a line of fabrics. Wouldn't that be fab? I'll put my people on it, pronto. Ha, ha. I wish. Sadly, I have neither people nor contacts. But it would be cool, no? Like the joe boxer fabric from the late 80s, only better!