Friday, March 23, 2007

New sketchbook to peruse

Here is a new sketchbook. When I started it it was a strange picture-free cookbook with lots of recipes for liver and 1950s type ingredients. Who makes welsh rarebit these days? I picked it up at an estate sale. I like painting on cookbooks the best.

The middle picture is based on a bumper sticker I saw. "Love Me Love My Mule." Huh? The car was covered with stickers about mules. Sweet.

The bottom image is collage, paint and ball point pen. So is the mule page. I don't like the drips coming down from the Love part. I think I'll paint over that. Too cheesy.

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kelly said...

Oh boy, more sketchbooks!
My copy of The Joy of Cooking has recipes for whale, raccoon, beaver tail and hermit crabs. Hermit crabs! Deep-fat fried, of course.