Monday, March 26, 2007

rainy sketchbook day

Howdy. Let's see these pages were done a while ago. The top is about the all the bad things you tell yourself in your head. So stupid. Why do we do it?

I don't like the middle page all that much. It is cheesy. I can't remember why I did it. Must have been something on the TV. Talk to the hand. Old.

The bottom pages are more of the old maid thing. I must have been feeling insecure when these were done. I was married once but am not anymore. Being married can be good or bad or both. Dig it? Nobody really calls anyone an old maid anymore so this was just random. There are too many colored dots on these pages. I think I have gotten that out of system. I hope.

1 comment:

leslie said...

love, love, love the colors! makes me wanta eat sugar all day!!!!!