Tuesday, March 27, 2007

sketchbook burrough

Some of these pages are on my website so if you have looked there you might have seen them before.

The top pages have been revised a couple times. You can kind of make out the drawing underneath. I used a ball point pen and it leaks thru if you paint over it (we call it fugitive ink at art center). I like how it turned out. Lunch at the Olive Garden makes me sad. I am kind of a restaurant snob and chains make me crazy.

There is a Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena and there are always a million people waiting to eat there. This makes me INSANE! Why would you go to the Cheesecake factory when there are all these small cool restaurants to choose from? Why eat in a restaurant that has "factory" in the name and has advertisements in the menu? The food is salty and gross and the portions are obscenely large. It is just disgusting.

OK finished with my Cheesecake factory rant. All my friends have heard it before. I hate that place!

The bottom two pages are just random patterns. I did them a while ago and am bored with them.

P.S. From now on I am only going to post 5 days a week. I need a little break on the weekends even though I will continue you to post on my one-a-day art website.


kelly said...

Wheeee! more sketchbooks!
Hi Martha,
I finally bought Freedom Wigs (from the Murphy website). I feel bad for not doing so earlier, but I'm on bit of a budget. I usually spend my money on fabric and supplies for making my own stuff (selfish!), but I love your blog so much I wanted to support you in some way. Hmmm. I guess I'm still selfish because I'll be enjoying the book so much...

Oh, and I'm having much better luck painting in old books now. I think I was using the wrong type before - the paper was too thin and/or slightly glossy. I'm having much better luck with pre-1965 books with slightly yellowing pages.

Thanks again for all the inspiration!

Martha Rich said...

Thanks for the comments. There were two and I don't know why they both aren't showing up. Weird? Thanks also for for buying my book. I think doing sketchbooks is the best thing in the world and I am glad you guys are inspired. Coolness.