Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sketchbook Valley

Getting to the end of this sketchbook. Not much going here but colors and shapes. These pages are mostly in the beginning stages of work. I'll post them again when I add stuff. But I did start painting fruit here and it inspired a couple pages on my painting-a-day wesbite. My sketchbooks definitely influence the rest of my work.

Lately though, I have been neglecting my sketchbooks because I am trying to work on a huge painting and not doing a good job as of yet, just gesso. Freelance jobs take up a lot of my time, so does teaching and my painting-a-day. Having too much to do makes me happy and stressed but I love it. After this sketchbook is done I might post some images from my big painting. Not sure yet... I don't want to give away all my secrets! I also haven't forgotten my portrait project. Too many ideas and not enough time!!

Also thank you for the comments. I love hearing from people. It is nice to know someone is reading this!

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