Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sketchbook End of the Road

OK this is the last of this sketchbook. As you can see there isn't much to look at. Once I do something on these pages I will upload them. I will show more of my other sketchbooks in the meantime.

Last night I went to see Leslie Hall at the Armand Hammer. It was a most enjoyable experience and I am still smiling the next day. She is hilarious and amazing and a great performance artist, refreshing and inspiring in this world of slick, samey, packaged music and videos. Ring a ding ding!

Not everyone will get her, but check her out if she comes to your town.


kelly said...

Wow, I love that top spread - those greens and the red flowers...sweet!
Are those just regular artist's acrylics? Your pages look so nice and flat. Actually, they look both "flat" as in smooth and unwrinkled and "flat" as in matte finish. Maybe I need to look for books with better quality paper.

Thanks, Martha. I could look at your sketchbooks forever...

Martha Rich said...

Thanks! I use plain old Liquitex (in the little jars)and the paper is just plain old book paper. I wouldn't call the quality high. For some reason the paper doesn't wrinkle. I think it is because I am always going back and adding layers and messing with the paper. I don't use alot of water to thin the paint too.

kelly said...

Today at goodwill, I found a funky old typewriting manual (the kind that can stand up like an easel). I like to use the landscape-format sketchbooks so I'm hoping this one will be fun to paint in.
I usually gesso the pages and that's when they get all wavy and freaked out. This time I'll paint directly and cut back on the water - I appreciate the tip!

Good luck with your taxes! I need to mail ours. We let a box do it (turbo tax) so it's always kinda scary.