Sunday, March 25, 2007

sketchbook galore!

Heck yeah here are some more dang pages. The top page is self explanatory. I do have big boobs. The woman is from a Mark Eden advertisement. Mark Eden Miracle Cream. Makes your jugs big! I am obsessed with products to make your boobs bigger.

The middle page is self explanatory too. People do suck on occasion. I threw in a little "fight stains" for good measure. Advertising copy separated from it's advertisement makes me happy.

The bottom page is a collage using an old ditto master, a stamp and some star stickers. Younger people probably have no idea what a ditto is, but the old farts will know. I'd love to find an old ditto machine and make art with it. That would be very cool. Random thought, do they still show filmstrips in schools? I doubt it.

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